Supersolid & Supersoft

                            Fogia at Stockholm Furniture Fair with Note

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                            Supersolid & Supersoft
                            22/01/2020 - A bold group of individual designs which pushes Fogia into new territories @ SFF 2020. Sharp lines, ultimate inner comfort, stretched proportions, oversized trusses and lashings of crisp colour to challenge your perceptions of Scandinavian design but also Fogia itself. 

                            Supersoft came about as a response to the preconceptions of what sofas in the Nordics are. “Most sofas up here are hard-lined, compact and aimed at the contract sectors, so we wanted to take the fuller-bodied sofas of Italy as our inspiration to make something different that’s not often found in the north,” says Kristoffer Fagerström, Note.

                            Supersoft’s main priority is, of course, comfort, which has been achieved through a lengthy period of R&D with Note at our factory in Poland. But the comfort, which is unlike anything we’ve achieved up until now, has not come at the detriment of form. “We wanted something that’s super comfortable, 100% residential but strong enough as a product to fit the contract market. The contract sector as we see it is becoming softer and more resident in its outlook these days. However, the piece still had to have a defined shape and a strong personality,” says Fargerström.

                            Supersoft has also been created with life in mind. It’s modularity mean it’ll extend sideways but can have chaise longue sections, and sections without armrests inserted, to break up its silhouette. Supersoft’s owners can also remove all its external fabrics for cleaning, to help prolong its life. “For me this is important. I don’t want to have to struggle to clean a sofa. A consumer needs to be able to take care of their furniture easily,” states Fagerström.

                            Designed at the same time as Supersoft, Supersolid was developed as a point of contrast to the softness of Supersoft.

                            A range of design objects that enhance Supersoft’s function as a central part of a space. “We had this idea to create these accessories that don’t have the sort of forms or proportions that you would expect. They’re abstract ‘in-between’ shapes that open up and create a space for living,” says Fagerström. Although each piece in the collection appears to have a function in mind, there’s nothing to say that it cannot be used for something else. A bench becomes a table, a table becomes a footstool… And there’s a deliberate heavy materiality which gives an intensity which Note feels is often missing in modern newly built interiors.

                            “As with most things we make these days, we spend a lot of time with the prototypes in our office in Stockholm. And we see that they bring a touch of craftsmanship into a space, and when you run them as a group, they create this read thread for an interior. They’ve already become quite lusted after by lots of us here at Note,” concludes Fagerström.

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